The Recreational and Educational Community Association of Barrio Mariana de Humacao (ARECMA) is a community-based, non-profit organization created to work and ensure the well-being and integral development of the neighborhood and its people using the participation of its inhabitants as the main mechanism.

The mission of ARECMA is based on self-management and individual and collective social responsibility. They aspire to be a catalytic agent that integrates and mobilizes residents and collaborators to have a community that maximizes its human and socio-cultural potential, while preserving and protecting a healthy and sustainable environment that promotes social integration, a sense of belonging and self-identity, community participation, cooperativism, solidarity, aesthetics and diversity.

The main objectives of ARECMA are:

  1. Contribute to organize the community by seeking the participation of its residents in obtaining services and conditions that contribute to the overall development and social welfare of the neighborhood and its people.
  2. Plan, coordinate and develop physical facilities, projects, activities and tasks that respond to the interests, needs and situations that affect the community in the educational, recreational, cultural, social and economic development areas.

Hurricane María

A video in Spanish about the alliance between ARECMA and the Mutual Support Project in the Mariana neighborhood after the hurricane.


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