What we do

Or mission is to stimulate equity and quality of life in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean by supporting local actions with a social, cultural, environmental, artistic and educational focus.

We are building a network of local actions that share resources and responsibilities to stimulate equity and quality of life. Our services strengthen these actions by working with individuals, groups and organizations looking to achieve change in alignment with our mission.


Our work is organized in three main areas: Alliances, Capacity Building and Collaborations. You can read more about our Mission and Strategy here.


We create alliances with other non-profit corporations to complete charitable projects that are in alignment with our missions and follow tax-exempt fund regulations at the local and federal levels. HASER, Inc. is a compliant nonprofit home, providing administrative infrastructure, and sharing best practices in nonprofit management to implement actions that advance our mission.


Training, education, and workshops for informal and organized groups, as well as individuals. The goal is to: (1) facilitate an informed and self-directed process of organization, (2) build capacity in nonprofit management, and (3) connect groups and individuals working for equity and quality of life in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


We collaborate with individuals, organizations, institutions, or companies with a common goal that strengthen and advance our vision and mission. In a collaboration, economic and administrative resources, knowledge, information, materials, and practices are shared and coordinated aiming at activities geared toward social equity, quality of life, and community-based actions on the planet.


To stimulate equity and quality of life in Puerto Rico through the support of local actions, we build our services and activities on three fundamental actions:

Sharing of Knowledge and Experiences. Processes for education and the exchange of knowledge and experiences aligned with emancipating practices focused on critical thinking, learning, creativity, management, and freedom to eradicate oppressive social, colonial, political, economic, and cultural structures.

Access. Actions that facilitate or give way to people, groups, communities, and collectives having access to information and resources to lead their strategies for equity and quality of life.

Advocacy. Advocacy of and participation in public processes on public policies and social causes that affect the equity and quality of life in Puerto Rico, and in the local actions of individuals, communities, and entities to improve equity and quality of life.


We support local actions that stimulate equity and quality of life in these four areas:

Food Sovereignty: Food sovereignty is the right of the people to define their agricultural and food policy, prioritizing access to locally produced food, grown with no chemical.

Conservation of Natural Areas: Conservation is the act of protecting the natural resources of the Earth for current and future generations.

Social and Environmental Justice: Social and Environmental Justice is fair access to resources, opportunities, and rights, as well as the fair distribution of responsibilities and benefits with respect to material goods, basic services, the environment in the quest for a dignified, healthy, sustainable, and equitable collective life.

Art and Culture: Art and culture develop in interactions within common spaces, whether geographical, historical aesthetic, identity, experience, or conviction spaces. They activate collective processes of imagination, invention, amusement, intervention, and interpretation of our environment to outline ways to relate and exist on the planet.