Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal sponsorship is a formal agreement between a non profit organization that has a local and/or federal tax exemption and a group. This arrangement allows the organization to offer tax exemption as well as fiscal and administrative support to groups that further the mission of the organziation.  HASER offers fiscal sponsorship to incorporated groups in Puerto Rico who enhance our mission to stimulate quality and equity of life through local grassroot actions.

How it works?

We provide tax sponsorship to entities and projects so that they can receive donations from organizations or individuals that only contribute to institutions registered as non-profit entities under section 501 (c) 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code. As part of the sponsorship, HASER offers technical, administrative and fundraising support to its allies.

When raising funds for our allies, HASER retains 10% to cover paartial dministrative costs of the services provided to them.

Online donations are processed through PayPal. There is a processing fee of 2.2% + $0.30, which PayPal automatically deducts from the total amount of your donation.


HASER develops it’s Collaborative Agreements and Fiscal Sponsorships Contracts with the models describe in the book “Fiscal Sponsorship-6 ways to do it right” by Gregory L. Colvin. You can find a summary of the book in English in the following LINK


Fiscal sponsorships can be a real boon to the fluidity, innovative capacity, and diversity of the community-development and nonprofit sector. —How Fiscal Sponsorship Nurtures Nonprofits by Jonathan Spack, Third Sector New England