Network of Actions

Local actions involve organizations and united people, with personal or community ties, who have identified a specific need and have intentionally come together to address them. These actions stimulate equity and quality of life in four areas: Food Sovereignty, Conservation of Natural Areas, Social and Environmental Justice, and Art and Culture.


We work with other organizations to carryout actions that stimulate equity and quality of life in their communities. These actions are diverse in focus, location, organizational structure and duration. In these Alliances, HASER, Inc. is a compliant nonprofit home, providing administrative infrastructure, and sharing best practices in nonprofit management to actions that advance our mission.


We collaborate with community-based groups to carry out short-term projects that have an immediate impact on the quality of life in their communities and/or lead to equity. Learn more about the projects here.

HASER Projects

In times of emergency, like hurricane María in 2017 and the earthquake in 2020, HASER also provides relief to people affected by catastrophic events.