Network of Actions

Local actions involve organizations and united people, with personal or community ties, who have identified a specific need and have intentionally come together to address them. These actions stimulate equity and quality of life in four areas: Food Sovereignty, Conservation of Natural Areas, Social and Environmental Justice, and Art and Culture.


We work with other groups to carry out social well-being actions that stimulate equity and quality of life in their communities. These actions are diverse in focus, location, organizational structure and duration. In these Alliances, HASER, Inc. is a compliant nonprofit home, providing administrative infrastructure, and sharing best practices in nonprofit management to actions that advance our mission.


During emergency situations in Puerto Rico, such as Hurricane Maria in 2017 and the earthquakes in 2020, we assist in the recovery and safety of affected people in the communities impacted by our Alliances and other related collaborating organizations. Recently, in Hurricane Fiona, we collaborated with 8 social justice organizations to provide immediate aid and support to some of the most affected and historically marginalized communities. Work is underway to strengthen the organizations to be able to respond more sustainably to the communities.

HASER Projects

In 2023, we were able to work on the development, production, and publication of the Fiscal Sponsorship Guide (Guía de Auspicio Fiscal). The Fiscal Sponsorship tool can have a great collective impact to share resources and achieve a purpose of social benefit. The Guide will educate and inform about the best practices of Fiscal Sponsorship, so that groups, projects or potential sponsors have accessible, reliable and updated information. If you want to know more about Fiscal Sponsorship, visit: