Benefits & Responsibilities

The fiscal sponsorship is an agreement between an organization that has a local / federal tax exemption and a group or entity. The fiscal sponsorship helps groups and people carry out non-profit projects. It includes administrative, legal and fiscal support in the handling of funds, as well as reporting requirements for local and federal government. I

Here is a list of services and benefits that could be received by a group or entity under the auspices of HASER, as well as the responsibilities involved.


  • Administration and finance
  • 501(c)(3) and 1101.01 status to receive donations exempt from contributions
  • Local and federal tax return filing
  • Board of Directors recruitment and training
  • Articles of Incorporation review
  • By-Laws review
  • Corporate Resolutions for Incorporation
  • Submit necessary documentation to the Department of State
  • Access to information related to:
    • Corporate Law in relation to non-profits
    • Legal and fiduciary responsibility of a Board of Directors
    • Basic responsibilities of a management team
  • Postal mail space
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • “Domain & Shared Hosting”
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Payment of Professional Services
  • Direct deposit
  • Purchase by Credit Card
  • Information about individual donors and granting entities
  • Access to work space with office equipment and a meeting area
Fundraising and Program Development
  • Support in developing strategies for the organization and individual projects
  • Donations exempt from local and federal contributions
  • Unique and recurring online credit card transactions
  • Consulting and training in proposal writing and grant management
Capacity building
  • Administrative management strategies
  • Board minutes book and its content
  • Budget preparation and planning


  • Follow the administrative, financial and legal processes agreed with HASER
  • Report on actions and use of funds as agreed
  • Connect with donors directly
  • Provide HASER with photos, artwork, announcements and audiovisuals of actions and projects
  • Promote equity and quality of life through local actions and transparent processes
  • Recognize HASER as a fiscal sponsor in public communications.
  • Establish a protocol with HASER on how to share information with the public (press, social networks, etc.) about the relationship with HASER and any related activities.