Red Transmasc de Puerto Rico

Projects in Alliance with Red Transmasc de Puerto Rico

Red Transmasc de Puerto Rico is an initiative that aims to develop links between trans and non-binary people whose expression and/or gender identity surrounds the male spectrum to sustain a network of accompaniment, mutual support and exchange of knowledge that promotes their quality of life and visibility.

HASER and Red Transmasc have joined forces to promote the social well-being of communities in Puerto Rico through community-based projects that advance equity and quality of life.

HASER provides Fiscal Sponsorship to the project for community development and social transformation.


HASER is a non-profit organization with tax exemption under sections 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and Section 1101.01(a)(2)(B) of the “Internal Revenue Code for a New Puerto Rico”. If you prefer to donate by check, make it payable to HASER, Inc., write “Red Transmasc” in the memo and send it to HASER, Inc. PO Box 368035, San Juan, PR 00936-8035.

More about Red Transmasc de Puerto Rico

Red Transmasc de Puerto Rico promotes peer support, collective care, exchange of resources, and generates meeting spaces for the exchange of experiences and knowledge. Their objective is to exponentiate and materialize the claims of a community that has been and continues to be made invisible by government structures, other organizations, work and educational spaces.

Raising awareness about the realities of transmasc people, identifying and amplifying the community’s claims, creating spaces for peer training, generating new perspectives on masculinities and integrating healing processes in their spaces, Red Transmasc promotes accompaniment and collective care and recognizes the importance of representation as a route and not as a goal, taking space, assuming leadership roles, and generating new perspectives on masculinity that break with imposed hegemonic paradigms.

Learn more about how making a donation for Red Transmasc works with HASER’s fiscal sponsorship.