JunteGente is a space where organizations that are resisting and fighting for a just, solidary and sustainable Puerto Rico work together to develop coordinated actions for social change.

HASER is the 501c3 fiscal sponsor of JunteGente’s charitable and educational activities.

The organizations in JunteGente came together for the first time in January 2018 at Barrio Mariana in the municipality of Humacao, moved by the following question: What can we do together that we can’t do alone?

JunteGente acknowledges and embraces the people who are working to fulfill community visions.

In their own words…

Many people, organizations, collectives, fronts, coalitions, and institutions have spent decades discussing, dreaming, organizing, and acting to build the country we want. We have the desire, the resources, the ideas, the will. We need coordinated action. We are encouraging all to join efforts and resist, so that we can transform our nation. Our commitment is to continue organizing and developing activities that promote the convening of social movements, community organizations, NGO’s and individuals that work for social justice and democracy in Puerto Rico.