Casa Pueblo

Projects in Alliance with Casa Pueblo

Casa Pueblo is a 40-year old community-based organization promoting sustainable development and environmental justice in the rural central mountain range of Puerto Rico.

HASER is the 501c3 fiscal sponsor of Casa Pueblo’s education and social action projects for community transformation.

Your donation is federally tax deductible. It’s not deductible from your Puerto Rico income tax. If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to HASER, Inc., write “Casa Pueblo” in the memo line, and mail it to HASER, Inc PO Box 368035, San Juan, PR 00936-8035.

Casa Pueblo is a community self-management project committed to natural, cultural and human resources. Its projects include the community-based management of two forest reserves (Bosque del Pueblo and Bosque La Olimpia), ecological tourism projects, Puerto Rico’s first community and ecological radio station (Radio Casa Pueblo – WOQI 1020AM), educational projects, such as a Community Music School and the innovative La Olimpia Forest School, and solar energy initiatives, among others.

To be self-sustainable, Casa Pueblo offers eco-tours, produces its own coffee brand (Café Madre Isla), and operates a shop, which features local artisans.

After hurricane María, Casa Pueblo has focused on rebuilding the infrastructure of its forest reserves and in making Adjuntas more sustainable by using solar energy.

More about Casa Pueblo

In 2002 Casa Pueblo received the most important international environmental distinction, the Goldman Environmental Prize, in recognition of community-based environmental defense struggles led by the organization, as well as its territorial and cultural defense achievements.

The organization also leads several energy initiatives, including the design of an electric pole that integrates advanced LED lighting and thus considerably reduces light pollution, and a project to energize households in Adjuntas through the use of solar panels.

Casa Pueblo is working to ensure that rural communities of Adjuntas become more resilient to natural disasters, such as hurricane Maria, and that they continue to grow in strength and self-sufficiency. 

For more information about how donating to Casa Pueblo works with fiscal sponsorship, visit this page.