Armonía en la Montaña

Projects in Alliance with Armonía en la Montaña

Armonía en la Montaña is a farmer-led nonprofit dedicated to enabling society’s right to holistic well-being through agroecology.

HASER and Armonía en la Montaña have partnered to bridge the gap between economic sustainability for small sustainable farmers and the current buying power of our low income, underserved, rural community, through three main projects. HASER is the 501c3 fiscal sponsor of three projects implemented in Alliance with Armonía en la Montaña to stimulate equity and quality of life.

Your donation is federally tax-deductible. It’s not deductible from your Puerto Rico income tax. If you wish to make a donation by check, please make it payable to HASER and write “Armonía” in the memo.

Enlace Agrícola

Supports the economic sustainability of low-income organic farmers and increase the availability of their crops to low-income or high-risk people. Aggregates, markets, and distributes crops with several small production farms that share our agroecological vision.

Siembra Tres Vidas Farm

A hands-on agroecology education project to empower the community to connect with their food and the land that produces it. The farm welcomes individuals and groups for tours, volunteering, and workshops, as well as students and other small farms to support their agroecological projects.


Trama creates an economic model that supports artisan traditions made with natural fibers and dyes. Provides knowledge, education and access to raw materials to artists and the community, stimulating, preserving, and activating the Puerto Rican textile culture for new generations.

Learn more about how making a donation for Armonía en la Montaña works with HASER’s fiscal sponsorship.