Projects in Alliance with ARECMA

The Recreational and Educational Community Association of Barrio Mariana de Humacao (ARECMA) is a community-based, non-profit organization created to work and ensure the well-being and integral development of the neighborhood and its people using the participation of its inhabitants as the main mechanism.

HASER and ARECMA have partnered to implement charitable projects that stimulate equity and quality of life. HASER is the 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor of these projects.

  • Festival de la Pana de ARECMA

Your donation is federally tax deductible. It’s not deductible from your Puerto Rico income tax. If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to HASER, Inc. and write “ARECMA” in the memo line.

Cultural Activities

Festival de la Pana (Breadfruit Festival) exalts the culinary history of the breadfruit that first was sustenance for enslaved people, and then became part of the diet of many families in Puerto Rico. The Festival is an economic engine that support ARECMA and the community. The event provides space for local merchants to sell their products and for cultural activities.

Mercado Agrícola (Agricultural Market) is held in collaboration with A la Cosecha, Inc. Local farmers and merchants sell their products, while the community enjoys educational and recreational activities for all ages.

Summer Camp in La Loma

Campamento de Verano en la Loma is for children from the Mariana neighborhood and surrounding communities. It is a safe and healthy environment to share, play, and learn. Promotes community work and a sense of belonging in youth.

Community Kitchen

Cocina Comunitaria offers hot food at a reduced price daily. In times of emergency, it delivers hot food to vulnerable people. In conjunction with the community farm, it also delivers food boxes to families in need.

Community Farm

The farm was created to support the community kitchen. Educational tours are offered and it is a site for service learning. The farm provides the community with access to fresh and nutritious crops through exchanges or reduced prices. The Community Farm follows agroecological practices.

Community Transformation Center

Centro de Transformación Comunitaria operates in an old school campus that was shut down and abandoned by the Department of Education. ARECMA rehabilitated the structure and facilities to provide services to the community and coordinate the volunteer program. It houses a library with a reading and study areas, computers with internet access, and a printer for families and students.

More about ARECMA

ARECMA was awarded the 2020 Eisner Prize For Intergenerational Excellence.

The mission of ARECMA is based on self-management and individual and collective social responsibility. They aspire to be a catalytic agent that integrates and mobilizes residents and collaborators to have a community that maximizes its human and socio-cultural potential, while preserving and protecting a healthy and sustainable environment that promotes social integration, a sense of belonging and self-identity, community participation, cooperativism, solidarity, aesthetics and diversity.

For more information about how donating to ARECMA works with fiscal sponsorship, visit this page.