Casa Tallaboeña

Projects in Alliance with Casa Tallaboeña

Casa Tallaboeña de Formación Comunitaria y Resiliencia is a community-based organization dedicated to promoting social well-being through the development of skills at a vocational, cultural, educational, environmental, sports level, and first response to crises to natural disasters in marginalized communities of Tallaboa Saliente, Tallaboa Encarnación, Tallaboa Poniente, and their sectors in the town of Peñuelas, PR.

HASER and Casa Tallaboeña have joined forces to work so that the communities that have been affected by the consequences of environmental contamination can fight for true environmental justice and be resilient in the face of natural phenomena.

HASER provides 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship to Casa Tallaboeña projects for community development and social transformation.

HASER is a non-profit organization with tax exemption under sections 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and Section 1101.01(a)(2)(B) of the “Internal Revenue Code for a New Puerto Rico”. If you prefer to donate by check, make it payable to HASER, Inc., write “Casa Tallaboeña” in the memo and send it to HASER, Inc. PO Box 368035, San Juan, PR 00936-8035.

More about Casa Tallaboeña

Casa Tallaboeña de Formación Comunitaria y Resiliencia arises from the need for an immediate response from its marginalized communities to the threats they suffer from environmental contamination, poverty and high unemployment, government discrimination and the lack of response from its agencies to crises due to natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, promoting self-management, self-defense and resilience.

Casa Tallaboeña is made up of residents of the town of Peñuelas who for decades have been affected by environmental pollution, attacks on health, poverty, lack of opportunities and the ravages of natural phenomena. The role of women, youth and the elderly when making action decisions and strategies have been key in the operation of the organization.

By promoting community empowerment and self-defense through its activities and work, making the tools that facilitate such efforts accessible, Casa Tallaboeña helps build community social well-being while promoting a high sense of belonging by training and enhancing the necessary knowledge and skills that give their communities a high degree of resilience. The fact that the actors are the residents themselves makes their project unique in the town of Peñuelas and serves as an example of perseverance in the fight for the rest of the country.

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