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La Colmena Cimarrona (Maroon Hive) practices community based agroecology and beekeeping growing food sovereignty in the archipelago of Puerto Rico. Producing food in a healthy and accessible way for all; with the intention of eliminating existing inequities developing a local solidarity economy that promotes mutual support and equity.

Founded in 2015 to develop a course to train agroecology ‘promotores’ (educators) in Vieques and support the work of Finca Conciencia, established around 10 years ago in Monte Carmelo.

In the past four years, La Colmena has been restoring soils and replenishing the island with freshly produced food, organizing farmer-to-farmer trainings, worker education, farm stands, a mobile market (La Sambumbia), Caribbean beekeeping exchanges and trainings, health clinics incorporating traditional knowledge of natural and popular Caribbean medicine as a means of prevention and access to alternative healing methods; securing and storing creolized seeds for agroecological projects, developing classes at the local health center. As a result, La Colmena has been developing a network of small farmers and beekeepers working towards food sovereignty, racial and economic justice, strengthening networks of solidarity between poor and landless Viequense, and other folks throughout the Antilles.

Vieques is an island municipality of Puerto Rico, long forgotten by the central government, bombed for more than sixty years by the US Navy, but with a long history of organized resistance that managed to stop the bombing fifteen years ago. Furthermore, Vieques is dependent on an already precarious ferry system for fuel, food and construction materials. Food insecurity is intensified and building prices tripled on the island, cancer rates are at least 20% higher than mainland Puerto Rico, and  there are few resources for fresh food.

La Colmena Cimarrona strengthened its network after hurricane Maria, supporting the creation of El Panal a group of women working in the production of food, established a comedor (community kitchen), community gardens, workshops and courses on food justice and health.

La Colmena Cimarrona is the non-profit that supports the development of a local solidarity economy based in autonomous agroecological projects; Finca Conciencia is supported by La Colmena as a local cooperative farm enterprise in Vieques.

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