Mission & Strategy


A society where communities organize in different ways and implement resilient and socio-ecological strategies to improve equity and quality of life on the planet.


Promote social well-being in Puerto Rico through community-based projects working towards equity and quality of life.


All meaningful change is local. As the traditional landscape for political action closes the door to the multiple voices and needs of the people, more communities are organizing local actions and becoming agents of change in their own contexts. When communities direct their own path and set the foundations of a more equitable society, those actions are more likely to have an enduring and global effect. Puerto Rico sits on a unique political landscape to direct its own path for equitable change.

Puerto Rico has a high number of registered non profit groups. Most groups register in the Department of State, yet do not apply for local or federal tax exemption, limiting their abilities to receive funds to support their actions. Furthermore, as grassroots groups become organized and more involved with their mission, they find themselves thrown into an unfamiliar nonprofit field with legal, administrative and financial requirements, which can distract from their mission or even threaten their operation. The technical knowledge needed to manage groups with tax exemption is not always readily available to communities. This behind the scenes technical support can enhance local grassroots actions.


Groups and organizations that are developing social, cultural, environmental, artistic and educational actions in their own communities to promote equity and quality of life.


We partner with community-based organizations to build a network of projects that promote the social well-being of communities across the archipelago of Puerto Rico. Our strategy is to build a network of local actions that share resources and responsibilities to stimulate equity and quality of life. Our programs strengthen these actions by working with individuals, groups and organizations that are leading projects in their communities in alignment with our mission.



We create alliances with other non-profit corporations. They are organizations that group individuals who have been active carrying out collective actions of a social, cultural, environmental, or educational nature for at least two (2) years in their communities. Alliances are built on shared goals to complete charitable projects that are in alignment with our missions and follow tax-exempt fund regulations at the local and federal levels. HASER, Inc. is a compliant nonprofit home, providing administrative infrastructure, and sharing best practices in nonprofit management to implement actions that advance our mission.


Learning activities for groups, community-based organizations, and individuals interested in implementing projects that promote social well-being and managing non-profit organizations. The goal is to: (1) facilitate an informed and self-directed process of organization, (2) build capacity in nonprofit management, and (3) connect groups and individuals working for equity and quality of life in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


We collaborate with individuals, organizations, institutions, or companies with a common goal that strengthen and advance our vision and mission.


We define Local Actions and Projects as activities carried out by a group of united people, with personal or community ties, who have identified a specific need and have intentionally come together to address them with concrete actions. We build our services and activities on three fundamental actions:

Sharing of Knowledge and Experiences. Processes for education and the exchange of knowledge and experiences aligned with emancipating practices focused on critical thinking, learning, creativity, management, and freedom to eradicate oppressive social, colonial, political, economic, and cultural structures.

Access. Actions that facilitate or give way to people, groups, communities, and collectives having access to information and resources to lead their strategies for equity and quality of life.

Advocacy. Advocacy of and participation in public processes on public policies and social causes that affect the equity and quality of life in Puerto Rico, and in the local actions of individuals, communities, and entities to improve equity and quality of life.


  • Support and strengthen actions that promote social well-being in Puerto Rico in Alliance with the groups and entities that lead them.
  • Practice participatory, inclusive, effective, efficient, and transparent organizational management focused on the values we promote.
  • Encourage collaborations, knowledge sharing, experiences, and initiatives that stimulate social well-being, equity and quality of life.
  • Promote fiscal sponsorships in Puerto Rico.
  • Establish a sustainable and attainable economic development structure, aligned to the Mission.